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What he have interest is a boxing method!Is a marksmanship!
That'three body types', the Teng green mountain can be a day on doing, the slightest don't feel tired, as for write a Chinese brush-pen word?That is the molestation.
The "ha ha ……" various Ge dollar Hong shakes head a to smile, "say, what matter do you come to have?"
"Teacher!"Teng green mountain formally way, " in fact pupil, early can make'absolute being'break the bar of mire pill temple."
"What!"The various Ge dollar Hong is again cool-headed, also drive surprised get a stare!
"The green mountain is true, can make'absolute being'break mire pill temple bar?"The various Ge dollar Hong dares not believes and attains inborn, the biggest bar is this pass.Once'absolute being'can break inborn, is a feet to across into inborn, can say, almost steady enter inborn.
17-year-old inborn strong?
What concept!
"Teacher, you see."The Teng green mountain takes out a handle to fly knife, at random toward den outside a flick.
Fly knife to break empty, suddenly arrive half-way, once rowed an arc, sting go into that willow tree trunk.
"This ……" various Ge dollar Hong eyes Be getting brighter a while, excitedly on clapping Teng green mountain shoulder, "ha ha, green mountain green mountain!Have already missed for the teacher you enough and badly, you are a time to let for the teacher surprise!Ha ha ……fly a knife turn?Your absolute being, not only the list is to leave a body, and operation attain like this layer.'Absolute being'really too strong, I dare to promise, you step into inborn, none of a hours needs!"
'Return various Ge of a dollar', on nine state the earths, is a wise and farsighted cool-headed pronoun.
Can face one 17 years old can step into the pupil of inborn, allow who can not keep calm cool-headed.
"Teacher."Teng green mountain helpless way, " in fact from get 《You month gun Dian 》 from that day, I start'the idea save pubic region, absolute being and spirit and', want Ning to do a true dollar of the first inborn of.But, passed by for nine days, I still didn't become."
"What, impossible."The various Ge dollar Hong dares not believes.
"This is the fact."Teng green mountain heart in also very helpless.
Various Ge dollar the Hong is a bit shocked, the morrow then calms down and ponders a way:"Attain inborn two conditions, 1 is peak the day after tomorrow, absolute being breaks'mire pill temple'bar.You came to a, how can didn't succeed?Just flew a knife turn, what I saw was clear, while comparing me to just step into inborn to'absolute being'of don't control's being good friends with a lot,was the day after tomorrow a highest point attain?Impossibly, my first sight you, you were the day after tomorrow highest point."
"Green mountain, you cross legs to sit down, according to I say of, again try and see."The various Ge dollar Hong says.
"BE, teacher."
The Teng green mountain crosses legs to sit down.
The various Ge dollar Hong says:"Your mind completely sinks to immerse pubic region, had better, come together pubic region the center, the center of that whirlpool."
The Teng green mountain is abrupt however opens eyes, the doubt looking at a various Ge dollar Hong:"Teacher, whirlpool center?Will there is whirlpool center in the pubic region?"
The various Ge dollar Hong is also a bit astounded.
"Certainly have!"Various Ge dollar Hong surprised Cha way, " this absorbs world spiritual influence and converts into inside the strength, is been saved to pubic region in, along with absorb inside strength more many, the pubic region will slowly become big in the middle of supporting and rising.Be like small cloud he, self-discipline heart the method is severe, this absorbs world spiritual influence quick, 10-year effort, the pubic region can grow up extreme limit and no longer become big.At that time, inside the pubic region of inside the strength will also form whirlpool naturally!This is inside each self-discipline vigorously of person, all should know of?"
Teng green mountain silly eye.
"Teacher, I, my pubic region is bestill coming big gradually!"The Teng green mountain openings way.
Various Ge dollar Hong shocked way:"Impossibly, you for the first time 100 men Be long to battle out, have top-grade Wu Zhe's real strenght, but your inside strength heart method obviously and badly, should be eat what work properly a fruit, just have Hun so thickly inside strength, can increase inside strength of work properly a fruit, can reform pubic region, let the pubic region grow up extreme limit."
The Teng green mountain is in distress situation.
He finally knew reason!
Does the world work properly a fruit?Complete nonsense!Ownly inside strength, is near form idea the boxing is supplementary to absorb.In fact absorb of inside strength, and not much.
What oneself depends is body strength, even if 100 men Be long to battle out, not inside strength, the strength inside oneself is still economical.

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