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However I was very angry at that time, it let under charge the person killed a chicken, even if saw for monkey, Wu grandiosity, Cai Cang Lang was also you ground old acquaintance, how their end is, you received news?"
Shell just the Ju don't already is secretly shocked, "unexpectedly is what you do?How do you want?"
Liao learns a soldier to start to pull shell Xiao Dan, ha ha but go:"Station which side troops, I hope the tonight receives your to reply before 8:00.Don't be next to make oneself regret the decision in lifetime."
Just the shell Ju vomited one mouthful thick phlegm:"The leveret Zai son pours overbearing get tight.Doing not know old love as well is young."Carry on the back a hands station to overlook scenery before French window, stired a telephone, " Liao learns soldier and shell Xiao the Dan just once came me here, didn't do what, he admits is that he looked for person to chop grandiosity Wu and Cai Cang Lang's right hand."
That person says:"I just once visited Cai Cang Lang at the hospital, he confirmed this.Liao's learning a soldier is a Vinaceous Rosefinch street hooligan ground the eldest brother is being a teacher in the tulip senior high school currently and also participate in to make recently Fei Fei the satisfied 《maple bridge 》 play set ground performance is the cousin whom the heavy star Mu permits ice rain, it is said that that 2 people is making to commit incest a scandal.Shell a life time Xiang's once lifting him once will appear at the Yu orchid basin as well and also signed great achievement what of, the identity was very complicated."
Shell just the Ju Be silent to come down:"Liao learns a soldier to seem to have a little position, no wonder that so unrestrained yesterday, unexpectedly a speech decision meeting result, disallowed other people to oppose, I pretty disagreed to him at that time."
That person says:"Do not boost the enemy's morale, dampen our spirit, Liao learns soldier's just a cruel hand a little bit hotter, there are several hundreds of small bludgers that do nothing all day long being under charge just.However his existence always is a variable, also have the headquarters the personnel's resignation, is who is making ghost, haven't cleared up as well."
Just the shell Ju nods:"That boy ghost ideas I doubt to always get rid of, very much, and think place of honor very early.He is to defy a life time Xiang."Heart way:"You the heel always get rid of one Dou of very good Dou, had better put together, you die me to live."
2 people's is heavily suspicious of, surface cooperation, the heart distrusts with each other.
That person says:"The urgent matter of the moment wants to remove Liao to learn a soldier, don't make him disrupt our plans.Shell Xiao Dan nominally and temporary the job of generation house lord, he approaches shell Xiao Dan, the patrimony that may is another to have a purpose, intend to strive for a Duo shell very much is rich, what to beat is to carry the Emperor is with the idea that makes various Hou."
Shell just the Ju greatly order its head way:"This guy indeed as expected sufficient Yin, I early see him being getting wither a revolting feeling.However I this how many years make of is all regular line of to be, take what go to and do several hundreds of small bludgers put together?"
That person says:"Trust, I have already worked well preparation, this handed over to me, you completed quickly your Zhang duty.Have like this what circumstance immediately notify."
Shell just Ju way:"It is all right."Hanged a telephone, said in belly:"Go to your mama of, you seek the trouble of underworld on your own initiative, don't blame me fisherman to make profit."
Liao learns soldier and shell Xiao Dan to return to road up, no longer need to be covered up, slowly long ride bicycle, all the way chat says ground and closes to a fixed star mansion, 2 people still come to a stop to appreciate the chrysanthemum in the flower nursery.The shell Xiao Dan smiles to say:"That flower blossoms really greatly, I pick not very good?"Only 1 that listens to small bang in the distance, seems balloon deep-fried break of voice, the shoulders that sees teacher Liao splashes a blood with gorgeous one flower.
The snake wild beast always has already realized dangerous sense of smell, but don't know that the danger is come from where, split second Liao learned a soldier to by instinct be partial to half side body, the bullet nails into shoulder bone blind side, he was understand to meet a sniper.
In the past decade inside he once met numerous assassinations of time and successfully lived down every time, the backlog is a great deal of experience.Angle and strength that wears a body from the bullet about predict a raid to come from rear 200 meters are or so to the oblique angle of south 15 degrees, don't know currently whether other places still ambush a sniper, the crisis juncture jumps up and embrace still silly Wu from not and clearly take place what condition of shell Xiao Dan right on the spot on rolling,

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